The Importance of Pinterest within a Social Media Strategy

Hy everyone!

Firstly, I would like to give you a short definition of this Social Networking Site.

Pinterest is like a big board in which you can visualize everything you love at a glance.

Inside the big board, you can configure it by creating new small boards with different images or videos you like (this content you add is called “pin”). When you share this pinned images that have already been added by other users, you are “repineando”).

Pinterest has all the elements to be the best visual social networking site. But the big question is: What can this social networking  site do for our products or brands in a Social Media Strategy?

The reason that I like Pinterest a lot in a Social Media Strategy is that you can obtain a lot of useful content.

I would like to mention 5 reasons you should use it.

1)You can research your followers repinnings trends in order to see which product is the most repinned. This information could be useful later, for example, in hosting an online product contest because it last sponsors know which product have the most appeal. This would be part of a broader online marketing strategy.

2) You can show all of your shop’s product in an online catalogue.

3) You can promote events.

4) You can create more loyalty with your followers, by posting photos of the members of the company doing their business very professionally, showing the most popular events carry out for the company etc. It’s a good way to create a better and more personal brand.

5)With the aim of integrating in to a other Social Media Network, you can post your Pinterest Profile in other sites such as Facebook.

I think you should take a look at this short video to understand more graphically this Social Networking Place.